Creative Productions

Making a vision into a reality by implementing Equipo Media’s creative productions that are dedicated to results-driven strategies- connecting and engaging.

How We Create

We want to bring the upmost success to your company- and it begins with what we do and how we do it. First, we begin with a solid strategy of content. Using transmedia to implement a set tone to your business.

Our Process

Every company needs a smooth orderly processes to be successful, and our production team provides just that. Beginning with YOU- It all starts with the creative brief, which clearly defines the project scope and key messages. A pre production process then secures your interests for a seamless and transparent road map to your company’s social identity. Next, our Production is brought into action with your confidence every step of the way, with an Action-Reaction approach to each specific project in our set demographics- keeping in mind at all times a conservative cost of a set budget.

The Content

We’re confident that our content will set you apart- Our production team has an abundance of experience from around the world- Working on projects from Instagram campaigns to international music videos- the innovative minds behind the scenes provide a large spectrum for your needs. Our mission is to provide exceptional work, to reflect the overall success of your company and we can deliver.

Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.