Website Development

A brand’s website is their best chance to communicate with consumers.

 A website needs to be a 24/7 revenue generating machine that supports and automates business, and provides an excellent user experience. We use data driven consumer insights to develop websites that work.

Our Philosophy

The function of a website has changed drastically over the last few years. Websites first began as a brand’s “three page brochure” translated over to the web, remember those? Websites used to be a brand’s business card that served to inform, not convert. Today, the opposite is true. While a website must inform, the bottom line is that a conversion is the most important factor.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy
Every website offers something to a user, and the user has to work to get it. Whether it is filling out a form, reading content, or watching a video. The user is required to do work before they get what they want. Our job as website developers is to reduce the amount of friction, or work needed, that occurs before a user can get what they want.

While yes, a technically perfect website that looks good is important, we tend break our users into three camps based on how much friction they can/ want to experience:

Low Tolerance  Medium Tolerance  High Tolerance

There’s a large portion of users that don’t want to put in a lot of effort into their browsing experience. These users want their needs to be met quickly, and to finish their objective. whether that’s to buy a product or get an answer, they want to be in and out. To serve these users, websites need to be developed to be fast and allow users to take the desired action right away.

While some users don’t spend any time researching what products are best for them, the vast majority of users like to be in control of their purchase behavior.

Some users, like those on mobile or those that don’t want to do a lot of research, want to get what they came to your website right away. For this group of users, the “Above The Fold” content is most important, and they have to be served right away.

Now comes the research. There is a large population of users that won’t be happy to pull the trigger right away. In fact, more users than ever are doing research. Through Mind Maps and transcript analysis of a brand and a brand’s competitors, we find the most important pain points of users, and craft messaging around what will make the Medium tolerance users convert right away.

For users that can experience a high tolerance of friction before they purchase, a lot of off site work needs to be done with retargeting, but many of their needs can still be met on the website itself.

Through our transcript analysis, we can find and use relevant case studies that address less common pain points, testimonials that show the parts of the brand that may have not been seen yet, and interactive guides on what exactly the user wants to see.

What we’ve done, is minimized user friction at every step of the way, allowing each user to get what they want without sacrificing one group.


Conversion Rate Optimization

The art of Conversion Rate Optimization is to reduce friction at every turn, and a newly created website will not be successful at that, no matter how much research. Continual A/B testing on messages and heat maps help us diagnose the weak points on a website, and create data driven solutions that cater to the end users goal.

Website improvement is just one aspect of Conversion Rate Optimization. We work with brands to develop superior email campaigns, Social Media retargeting, video production, to satisfy the needs of the end user.

Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.